"You’re the only music our whole family agrees on"- The Pittocks, Canberra.

I have 4 solo CDs and many CDs with bands (see complete list below). My 4 CDs, "Not Nor Mal" (2016), “Dodgy”(2008), "3 Cheers for Peace and Quiet"(2005) and "Trainer Wheels"(2000) can be heard and/or bought digitally from Bandcamp (high quality... even as WAV files if you want!) and you can choose how much to pay (over my base price).

  As physical CDs they're available in stores through MGM Distribution or from me directly (see below).

I also have a solo DVD "Live and Instructional"(2011) which contains heaps of brilliant live footage (2 or 3 camera) from a Judith Wright Centre (Brisbane) and Woodford Folk Festival, shot by Justin Brown of Browndog Productions. And it has a some excellent tuitionals on beatboxing, mic technique and looping shot by Chris Mylrea of Cybertrix Media (who edited the whole DVD too). Available instore from MGM Distribution, online from Sanity or CDonline or in the post from me (see below).

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You can also get my CDs (A$25) and DVD (A$30) in the mail from me (+A$5 for overseas postage (less for a larger order)).
Totally Gourdgeous CDs and Sock CDs can be purchased in the same manner. Here are the payment options:
1): Send cash or cheque payable to Mal Webb, to:
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And then there's iTunes: Mal WebbMal Webb, Totally GourdgeousTotally Gourdgeous, Oxo CubansOxo Cubans. Sock - SockSock

If you've burnt my music a few times, feel free to send whatever money alleviates your guilt and pays my bills... thanks! Love, Mal

Mal's complete Reverse Chronological Discography.

Giving the Artist; CD title; year; Mal's involvement; which Mal songs they contain;
and contact details.

Totally Gourdgeous- "Pun Kin" 2011-Bass, mbira, vocals
"Pizza Resistance" "Buttercup" "So Over You"

Mal Webb-"Dodgy" 2016-Everything (with Kylie Morrigan on violin and Sam Lemann on guitar)
"Give It Up" "Henrietta Lacks" "Plague" "Brick" "The Lot" "Fun Detector" "So Over You" "Oblivious Man" "TLA" "Brooke's Jetty" "One Finger Fanfare" "Rooster Tree" "Ad For Beer" "Load" "Picture" "All The Birds" "Roadworks" "Pash Crush" "Win" "Follicle Drive" "Wake Up" (Instrumental)

Totally Gourdgeous
- "Pun Kin" 2011-Bass, vocals, mbira, gourd bugle
"Walkabout Waterbottle", "Knees", "Drop"

Mal Webb-"Dodgy" 2008-Everything
"Dodgy" "Whinge" "Designer Dog" "Drop" "Fourth Arm" "Pi" "Soy Dandy" "Woodford Fanfare" "Magpie" "Knot" "Fried Larynx" "Missing Link" "Turtle" "URFES" "Contraceptive Personality" "Sound of Love"

Totally Gourdgeous- "The Stroke of Midnight" 2005-Bass, vocals, mbira, gourd bugle and birds.
"Make Up", "Two and a Dog", "Bog Reel", "Future Generations"

Mal Webb-"3 Cheers for Peace & Quiet" 2005-Everything
"Carrot" "Wake Up" "The Buttercup" "Anything"  "Porridge" "Packrack" "Cobbler" "Knees" "Triangle" "Councillor Ed" "You Don't Know" "Over the Hill" "Jenny and the Pigs" "Anytime" "You're Grouse" "Larry" "Diphthong" "Got to Go"

Totally Gourdgeous- "D'vine" 2002-Bass, vocals, mbira and birds.
"Cup Has No T", "Ringbark", "Cope (Get Over It)", "Thankyou"

Mal Webb-"Trainer Wheels" 2000-Everything
"Trainer Wheels" "Bike" "Ringbark" "Hug" "Laksa" "Girl of my Dreams" "One Man's Fish" "Little Green Fruit" "Keen on You" "Djembe" "Odd One Out" "Waterbear" "Helen Lane" "Litter" "Two and a Dog" "Borisette"

Totally Gourdgeous-"Totally Gourdgeous" 2000-Bass, vocals, mbira and gourd bugle
"Turtle", "Bike", "Roofrack" and "Little Green Fruit"
Go to:

Into Wishing-"Shoe Funk" 2000-Drums, vocals and slide trumpet
"One Percent of One Percent" "Shoe Funk"

Oxo Cubans- "History of the Espy, Part One" 1999-Track 7 "Sleeping like Babies" (live)

The Boite Melbourne Millenium Chorus 1999-Guitar, vocals and bass "Bike" (with a gang of kids!) Contact:

Bomba-"Hail that Taxi" 1998-Trombone and vocals
"Pash Crush"

Zulya Kamalova-"Aloukie" 1998-Bass, guitar, vocal, recording and production. 
Sock-"Sock" 1998-Vocals and recording "Emotional Baggage Handler" "Sock"(rap) "You Don't Know"
"Doona Hog" "Think too Much" "Falling Out" "No Better"
"Everybody Knows" "Roofrack" "When No-one Calls"

Oxo Cubans-"Go Sic!" (Live) 1995-Trombone and vocals "Tim Tam Slam" "Gotta be True" "Roofrack"

"A Minute or Less"-Benefit compilation CD1995-Mal's first all solo track
"Future Generations"
An amazing 78 track CD featuring many now defunct bands
Contact: Friends of the Earth:

Oxo Cubans-"More" 1994-Trombone and vocals "Tim Tam Slam" "Gotta Be True" "I Don't Know"
"Letter L" "Doona Hog" "Make up" "Future Generations"
"Sartorial Blackout"

Michael Kieran Harvey-"Piano Miniatures" 1994-A composition "Schvink Chass"
Contact: Red House PO Box 2123 Footscray Vic 3011 Australia

Oxo Cubans-"Take the Time" 1992-Trombone and vocals "Don't Take it Out on Me" "Take the Time"
"Flogged by a Feather" "It's Falling Out"
"Sleeping Like Babies" "Roofrack" "Tip o' my Tongue"
"Two and a Dog" "Aubergine" "Walking Alone" "Moving it"
*We currently don't have covers for this CD, but we have cassettes!

"Hot food/Cool jazz"-Cooking compilation ~1991-Vocals on Doug DeVries' track "Long ago, Far away" which is also on Doug's first solo album

Oxo Cubans-"Just Like This" 1989-Trombone and vocals "Grey Matter" "Look of the Living Dead" "One For Me"
"Hate Me More" "Slabovic" "For Sale" "I'm Leaving"

Other recordings Mal's played on:

Singsibling- "If It's Not" 2001-Bass

Bomba-"Population" 2000-Trombone and vocals
"Pash Crush"

Bomba-"Letterbox" 1999-Trombone and vocals

"Stop Jabiluka Mine" Benefit CD 1999-Vocals

The Somethings-"The Plunge" 1999-Bass

Bomba-"Hail that Taxi" 1998-Trombone and vocals
"Pash Crush"

Pheasant Pluckers-"Something for Mabel" 1998-Trombone on track 9

Essential Health-"Oxygen Music O2" 1998-Percussion and vocal
Contact: Tonia Plack PO Box 126 Albert Park 3206 Australia

Penelope Swales-"Homemade Wine" 1997-Bass and vocals

Essential Health-"Oxygen Music" 1996-Percussion
Contact: Tonia Plack PO Box 126 Albert Park 3206 Australia

Penelope Swales-"Returning on Foot" 1995-Bass Contact:

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