Home Sweet Homeostasis
See its first ever performance at: (or below)

If you want to balance a stick vertically on your hand
Have the heavy end up, watch the top and don't stop, whatever you do
If you just stay still it'll fall off, but if you move too much it'll fall off too.
It's like playing in time and playing in tune
The umpteen zillion little subtle readjustments you have to keep doin'
'Cos there's no place like
Home sweet Homeostasis
Oscillating on a momentary basis
Health and happiness hang in the balance
Between extremes of our needs and talents
Tangle and re-angle, ambitions and visions
Dancing on a slack line, a string of decisions
A vast variety of vacillating variables
It's fascinating, it'd need a veritable
Surfeit of Riemann surfaces to convey
The complex polar pairs of ideals at play
Making our ethics flex every second every day
Here're several to get us on our way [1st time] / Gimme strength as we step into the fray [2nd time]

Comfort and Adventure
Comedy and Drama
Conversation Contemplation
Excitement and Calm
Opportunity Security
Simplicity Complexity
Introvert Extrovert
Yin and Yang

Broad-minded and Focussed
Rational and Imaginative
Frugal and Extravagant
Freedom and Commitment
Faith and Questioning
Change and Repetition
Planned and Spontaneous
Bull and Bear

Sustainable economy, ecology, body and mind find physiology, farming and finance are kind of aligned to remind us. Nothing can rise forever
Everything in moderation including moderation, expectations, excavation, population, polarisation, inflation, despite innovation. Nothing can rise forever
MC Escher, Mister Risset and Shepard prove the conclusion. Perpetual growth's an illusion. Seeking it only leads to disillusion. Nothing can rise forever
If your only aim is fame or fortune, fulfilment means always needing more soon, keep your feet down to earth as you reach for the moon. Nothing can rise forever
Someday the helium boom will bust, empty pockets in our earthly crust, we must adjust before such resources bite the dust. Nothing can rise forever
Insuring leveraged option shares in a crypto casino, a meta bet punt gamble wager lottery keno. We do it even though we know nothing can rise forever
Widening divide of rich and poor, our weakest link is our highest score, through the debt ceiling we soar, praying in vain for trickle-down downpour. Nothing can rise forever
Looking for hope to cope with this upward slope, make sense of this endless ascending, ceaseless increasing
Upshifting, lifting, building, filling, this top up has got to stop. Time to get down, here comes the drop

Drowning in depths of digital din, fads and fashion, ads and admin
But woah, change is in the wind, winding down this over-wound wounded world
'Til we value efficient and fixable things, built to last from stuff that's renewable from not too far, then recyclable too in our no waste home sweet homoeostasis
Monocultures of all kinds, not just crops, but of species, ideas and activity, invite adversity, instead give me variety, diversity and home sweet homoeostasis
Like what's confusing our immunity. Everything is multicausal. No-one has impugnity. Swinging voters are good for the community and home sweet homoestasis
By living seasonally and locally, find your base, choose the path and pace that puts a smile on your face. And whatever you do, do it well and truly, and kindly, you'll find there's no place like...

Mal Webb 2020

When I was made aware of the Risset rhythm , I made a four bar beatbox version of it, combined it with the harmonic series the process implies and added Shepard Tones brass lines (to accentuate the endless rise): . I decided to use it as an excuse to write a song about the illusion of perpetual growth and Homeostasis (which I've taken great liberties with the meaning of!) I also incorporated the reverse of the rhythm part with guitar (later in the above video), which makes a nice soundtrack to energy descent and depleting finite resources.

Here's Ky and I performing it live for the first time ever!